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Cathay Dupont Award on DuPont’s commitment to keeping life and the environment safe

DuPont is a science company committed to seize market opportunities and to give effective solutions to certain challenges that hinder the protection of life and the environment. Using its profound expertise in science and engineering, it aims to continue protecting humankind and the world. Many decades had passed but the company still remains dedicated to giving “science that solves” to the society.


It continues to develop a wide range of materials made from science, chemistry, biological science, and engineering, growing their list of capabilities. Their built products aim to help different people and organizations around the world.


Nowadays, you won’t be surprised with the massive growth in our population. And with billions of people living in the world, the pressure on people and the environment increases and the number of challenges will keep on growing.


DuPont has a huge dedication to protecting life and the environment, and with their various creations of materials, products, and consulting solutions, it targets to provide vast help in different industries. DuPont, along with customers, governments, NGOs, academics and other organizations, strives in order to bring science-based solutions to the world. Cathay Dupont Award, with its many years of giving honors to deserving individuals and organizations, believes that the company’s core belief of comprehensive innovation will yield more advanced solutions in the future.


The never-ending dedication of DuPont to protect our home and its people results in much effective protective apparels, safer structures, and sustainability solutions. The company aims continuity in providing solutions with its many years of extensive experience in keeping people and the environment safe. Giving huge importance to the environment and taking care of it also means taking care of our own beings.


Aside from protecting the environment, DuPont also has a strong commitment to protecting those who protect us, and it includes first responders and the military. Some fire departments around the globe have built a positive relationship with DuPont because each aims to give their firefighters the best equipment using DuPont’s offered products.


DuPont, together with Cathay Dupont Award, is bringing safety to places where we work and play as well. One example is architects using its products to ensure the safety of the fans and the players in a stadium.


Many years and even decades had passed but DuPont will still remain one of the companies that hold innovative strength. And to give certain individuals or organizations recognitions on their works, Cathay Dupont Award was made. It recently opened its submissions for the best in broadcasting, documentary & online journalism.